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2. Main Report: (2000 words – marked)
Relating your observations to purchasing concepts prepare a report that;
� identifies and explores the benefits and problems of outsourcing relationships. Critically discuss whether you would reject or agree with the statement by Song et al. (2007)
� critically assesses how the purchasing operations are shaped by the nature of the product
� explains how, within the context of outsourcing, the suppliers are selected, and evaluated
Structure of the Report
Your report should be clear, easily read, well-referenced (APA 6th), with clear, neat diagrams/ figures (if used), 12 point font, 1.5 character line spacing
Primarily by contacting, interviewing appropriate purchasing person(s) (face-to-face and/or other means is ok). The assignment draws on themes covered in lectures, seminars, handouts, course texts, guest talks, videos etc. But additional reading/research will be needed to broaden your viewpoint and find examples to illustrate your points.
Consider library resources, trade/institute magazines, articles, TV/ radio, company/consultants/ interviews, business newspapers, internet sites etc.
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