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1- What does philosophical analysis do? In other words, define philosophical analysis.
2- What is accomplished by the use of philosophical analysis?
3- “Square circles are nonexistent things.” “No squares are circles.” Which of these two propositions is simpler, philosophically, and why?
Questions 2,4,5,7
2- Explain and critically evalute Descartes’s dream conjecture or his evil demon conjecture.
4- “We can think. this proves we are not just mere matter.” Does it?
5- “METERIAL things, including one’s own body,are completely subject to physical laws.”
“The immeterial mind can move one’s body.” Are thses two claims incompatible? Explain.
7- Explain Hobbes’s idea that all mental acivity reduces to matter in motion.
Question 4
4-Will the future resemble the past? Can you know that it will, or must you merely assume that it will?
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