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1) Water flows at a depth of 1.83 m in a trapezoidal, concrete-lined section with a bottom width of 3 meters and side slopes of 2:1 (H:V). The slope of the channel is 0.0005. Use the Manning equation to estimate the average velocity and flow rate in the channel.
2) Determine the critical depth for water flowing at 10 m³/s in a trapezoidal channel with a bottom width 3 m and side slope of 2:1 (H:V).
3) A rectangular channel 1.30 wide carries 1.10 m³/s of water at a depth of 0.85 m. If a 30-cm wide pier is placed in the middle of the channel, find the elevation of the water surface at the constriction.
4) Water flows in a trapezoidal channel in which the bottom width is 5 meters and the side slopes are 1.5:1 (H:V). The channel linin has an estimated Manning n of 0.04 and the longitudinal slope of the channel is 1%. If the flow rate is 60 m³/s and the depth of flow at a gaging station is 4 meters, classify the water surface profile, state whether the depth increases or decreases in the downstream direction.
5) Water flows down spillway at the rate of 12 m³/s per meter of width into a horizontal channel, where the velocity at the channel entrance is 20 m/s. Determine the (downstream) depth of flow in the channel that will cause a hydraulic jump to occur in the channel.
6) A sharp crested weir is to be installed to measure flow in the range of 0.5 m³/s to 1.0 m³/s. If the maximum (total) depth of water that can be accommodate at the weir is 1 m and the width of the channel is 4 m, determine the crest height of a suppressed weir that should be used to measure the flow rate.
7) A V-notch is to be used to measure channel flow in the range 0.1 to 0.2 m³/s. What is the maximum head of water on the weir for a vertex angle of 45º?
8) The outlet structure from a stormwater detention area is a compound weir consisting of a rectangular weir with a V-notch in the middle. The notch angle is 90º, the height of the notch is 20 cm, and the apex of the notch is placed at the bottom of the detention area. Determine the required crest length of the rectangular weir such that the discharge though the compound weir is 3.0 m³/s when the water depth is the detention are is 1.0 meter.
9) A 20-cm high broad-crested weir is placed in a 2 meter wide channel. Estimate the flow rate in the channel if the depth of water upstream of the weir is 50 cm.
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