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1. Take any retail website and explain how each component of e-commerce architecture is implemented from the USER perspective.
2. The director of San Jose Unified School District has a challenging job setting up the budget for the next school year (2011-12) with a drastic funding cut from the state government. He plans to use a BI system that would advise him on the school programs that he could retain and the programs that he can suspend to meet his budget target.
Sketch a BI architecture diagram, mentioning possible BI tools application he can use and, explain the usage of this BI tool?
3. A multi-national automobile manufacturing company relies on various kinds of data (parts, manufacturing, shipping, supplier, sales etc plus external data on competitor information, auto industry information, stock market analysis information etc. plus you can think of anything appropriate). You are an IT consultant asked to propose a data warehouse scheme – with LABELS.
From the data warehouse above, what procedure you need to extract parts data for a particular country — say Ireland?
4. Take this scenario: You plan to use your 15 years of working in call center to launch a new call center on your own in Romania to support your key client’s new GPS product that was launched during early March 2011. Identify the key components of customer service operational CRM that is pertinent to this scenario and explain the use of each component to support the customer for this product.
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