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1. Introduce the paper with a thesis statement included. / 1 point
2. Discuss how both of the articles apply to your selected phenomenon of interest/population
chosen in your current or future practice area. / 3 points (Be sure to review info. under
Deductions for article requirements).
3. Contrast the purpose, inclusion/exclusion criteria, search methods, results and implications in
practice of the quantitative Meta-analysis or Systematic Review with the qualitative metasynthesis/
Systematic Review as discussed in each article. / 5 points
4. Discuss the tools used to evaluate the hierarchy of levels of evidence and assign a level of
evidence AND grade of recommendation with rationale for both articles. What are the
implications for using quantitative Meta-analysis/Systematic Reviews AND qualitative Metasynthesis/
Systematic Reviews in your specific practice area? /5 points
5. Include your updated Evidence Matrix as an Appendix to this paper. The matrix should
include the articles used for this paper in addition to the last (Single Study) paper. Highlight the
NEW articles used in this assignment. /4 points
6. Explain the applicability of the findings of each article to your identified practice by
discussing how the findings will help to: (a) improve patient outcomes and (b) impact policy at
the unit or organizational level. If you do not feel that the changes are applicable to practice or
policy or improving patient outcomes, you need to explain why. / 4 points (Be sure to review
info. under Deductions for article requirements).
7. Discuss how/why you would or would not make changes to the current system in regards to
the integration of information technology/informatics in your facility. /2 points
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 ,”Meta-analysis (MA), Meta-synthesis (MS) or Systematic Review (SR)Meta-analysis (MA), Meta-synthesis (MS) or Systematic Review (SR)”