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1) From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the different approaches used for ACL structure and the implications of “deny all” or “allow all” sequence placement.
2) Discuss how NTFS permissions can be used to configure Website security and the basic concepts related to configuring certificates.
3) Imagine that you are managing 20 Websites on a single Windows 2008 Web Server. For security, reliability, and performance reasons, you need to prevent problems occurring in one Web application from causing issues with others. One of the Web applications was originally designed for IIS 6.0.
IIS7 on a single server can host multiple separate Websites simultaneously using one of these three binding solutions: IP address hosting, port number hosting, and host header hosting. Select the method that you would use if your main concern is securing your Website. Explain your selection.
Analyze how you can minimize the risks associated with Web application defects affecting other Web applications. Choose one method by which you can support the IIS 6.0 application
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