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1) Describe a company that you believe represents the 4C’s well, and provide examples of why you believe they are successful at it.
2) Describe a company that you believe does not do well putting the 4C’s into practice, and provide 2 examples of why you believe they struggle at it.
3) What recommendations would you give the company who needs to update their approach?
4) The target market is the market segment(s) on which the company focuses its marketing efforts. Briefly describe the primary target market for fast food restaurants, and why that group seems to be the best target market for the product.
5) In your opinion, what affect does the socio-cultural environment have on the sales of automobiles?  Provide a specific example to help explain your answer.
6) A competitive advantage means that a company has something unique or superior to that of the competition. Name your favorite restaurant and briefly describe its competitive advantage.
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 ,The Death of the 4Ps?