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1. – According to the authors of From Reliable Sources, “History has no existence before it is written.” What do you think of this statement?
2. Write a feedback on the below discussion .
-“All cultures, all peoples tell stories about themselves and it is these stories that help provide the meaning that makes culture”. This is history, the spread of story from one to another through word of mouth. Unfortunately with written history, the past is somewhat lost from the use of information chosen by the historian that he or she would find useful. Other information is left out, often not showing a full picture of the event or a completely one-sided form of it. “Oral records can compliment the written history”. These oral histories can often, if not all the time, corroborate and be found as reliable sources of past events as much if not more that their written counterparts. As such it states that social relations were proclaimed through oral acts and even the most important documents were created through oral transactions. “Oral acts can in fact be the mark of a complex and well-ordered socio-political system”. In a sense history could not be complete or even fully realized without such oral acts to complement written history or give a different sense of it, than one point of view. Oral history has uses in all time periods in human history, times of war or social problems, would not have written records of the happenings of the time. So word of mouth, and the passing of this information from person to person would then pass down this experience to others to understand. A prime example used in the textbook was Al Santori’s interview of Vietnam War veterans who explained the carnage of the war which never made it onto the war documents. Here this example showed that crucial information, even emotionally moving information would never have been brought to light without the spread of an oral history versus solely written. In a way an oral interaction can be a source and a useful one at that in the way of getting first hand information on a topic. This could shed light on something that with a written history one could not get a proper grasp on or understanding the human experience within it.
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