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1. (12 pt.) Lets assume that you are a Principal Systems Engineer designing a robot that aims to mobilize people and supplies during emergency situations. The prototype would be tested against various simulated emergency aid capabilities, such as fire extinguishing, hurricane evacuation, suicide prevention, bomb threat mitigation and SWAT operations.
a) (2 pt.) Based on your research and analysis, identify 3 preliminary quality factors you would like to implement in the robot outlined above. Present the factors using a Quality Management and Control Tool so they can be discussed with your team and ideas from team members can also be included.
b) (2 pt.) Provide brief descriptions for each of the quality factor.
c) (3 pt.) During quality planning, you are creating a quality checklist to verify that the robot will detect heat and follow a path towards the possible fire while acting as a fire extinguisher. While searching for a path using only one heat sensor near its head, the robot will be performing the following activities:
i. Detect heat
ii. Move towards heat
iii. Move backward up to 1 ft. if there is an obstacle
iv. Move left up to 1 ft. v. Send SOS, if no moves can be performed
Use a flowchart to demonstrate how decisions would be made to move towards the heat source from the steps above (Only blocks and arrows are sufficient, handwritten flowchart can be inserted in word document too ).
d) (2 pt.) List and briefly describe 3 risks or potential causes that might make the robot immobile or inoperable during emergencies.
e) (3 pt.) Consider the following parts costs to build an initial robot prototype
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