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• Net present value calculations for an all-equity funded project may prove difficult to perform due to the need for information on several elements. Explain each of the following three points using a total of about 1500 words for this part:
• what are the conceptual or practical difficulties in estimating Beta?
• what other difficulties arise in estimating a discount rate?
• how would you proceed in case of investment in foreign countries? Include in your answer reference to the case where some of these may lack deep liquid stock markets.
2. Write about 1500 words of a well-structured essay, summarising the main positions of ONE of the following papers. To ensure high marks you should embed your own critical view of the paper you choose and indicate by the use of italics any paragraph(s) where you do so.
(a) David Gregory (2013) “Private equity and financial stability of the Bank’s Markets, Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, Quarter 1, pages 38-47.
(b) A.Brav et al (2005) “Payout policy in the 21st Century”, Journal of Financial Economics 77:483-527
Please choose freely which essay you wish to write. Link where possible to the course material. Both of the above articles are available from the SOAS library electronic journals. It is very important that you use your own words rather than just using slight modifications of other authors’ work. See your guidance on plagiarism matters and for submission guidelines see the document: UG Summarised Assessment Information for Students.pdf, along with any other guidance given by your undergraduate office.
Note that the maximum length for coursework is 3000 words. Your total word count for parts 1 and 2 of the coursework should be given in your submission.
Marking information is available on the course website. Date due: 21.12.2015
*You can include charts and diagrams
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