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• Discuss the initiation of puberty and the role that hormones play during this period in the adolescent’s life span.
• Discuss the menstrual cycle and the phases involved in the menstrual cycle. What is the role of various hormones during each phase and what is the significance of each?
• Compare and contrast the hormones relevant during the menstrual cycle and menopause. What changes occur in the woman’s body as she prepares to enter menopause?
• Tanner staging during puberty has been used for decades. Tanner staging also estimates when to expect to see these changes in boys and girls. Yet it seems that girls and boys are “maturing faster” today than in previous decades. Do you believe this is a true statement—that adolescents are maturing at an earlier age? If so, what do you believe is the cause of this? If you disagree with this statement, give rationale for why.
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