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• Chapter 5. Discussion and conclusions (3000 Word)
• Summarise the findings of your study and relate those to your research question and to prior research on the topic;
• Derive the conclusions and recommendations for practice;
• Identify the limitations of your study and suggest the directions for future research; reflect upon your research
The Discussion and Conclusions chapter of the dissertation should include the following sections:
• Summary
This section should summarise your key findings, drawing on the more detailed presentation of your results in Chapter 4
Analysis and Results, explain what these findings mean within your theoretical framework and derive your answer to your research question.
• Theoretical implications
This section should discuss the contribution of your research project to the knowledge and understanding of the phenomena examined in your project.
• Practical implications
This section should present any implications and/or recommendations for practice that stem from your research project.
• Limitations
This section should identify any significant limitations that might constrain the generalizability of your findings.
• Directions for future research
This section should identify any questions that stem from your research project and deserve further research attention
• Reflections
This section should contain your analysis and evaluation of the research process. The following questions may be useful to provide a framework for this section:
• Has your dissertation fulfilled its objectives?
• How do the research process and outcomes compare with your initial expectations?
• What difficulties have you encountered in the research process and how these difficulties have been resolved?
• What have you learned from your research project?
• How would you improve the project in the light of your experiences?
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